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Individual workouts are no longer posted to the site.The Coaches keep the supply of recent workouts in the Masters folder at the YMCA

Underwater Video Analysis Criteria

Click HERE for evaluation criteria and useful stroke technique information


Mark Hill’s Weight Training Exercises

Mark walked us through the exercises on Nov. 5.  CLICK HERE to download upper and lower body exercise sheet. Recommended 1/week upper;  1/week lower; 1/week mixed.  Mark stressed POSTURE, BODY POSITION, and CONTROL

Michael Phelps - Breaststroke Video

Grant Hackett - Freestyle Video    


(Note: these files are very large - 4MB - and may take several minutes to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.)


2017-2018 Video Analysis

Argo Swim Video

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Scroll down for our filming dates.  Videos are organized by the first letter of your FIRST name:

#1:  September 2, 2017

#2:  November 1, 2017